About Us

Oak & Bristle is a business born out of Necessity.  I was fed up trying to find a wallet that fit all of my needs, so I decided to venture out and try and make one for myself. As I researched for weeks about the leather process and the tools/knowledge necessary for making quality leather goods that do not look like a boy scout craft session, I finally put together a crude wallet. My first of many.  I fell in love the the process of cutting, piecing, stitching and finishing a leather piece; from starting with a raw material that has no set purpose and giving it a purpose by making into something than can be used and abused and something that will last through it all.  I then decided to make some wallets for friends and family and soon it grew from there, so here we are. Trying our best to create quality handmade leather goods right here in the U.S that will last the test of time and will serve all of you better. We look forward to you all sharing a part in this journey with us.